More and more, people depend on robo-advisors for their banking and money management needs. The challenge is that with so many options available, some individuals have a hard time selecting the right one. If you have a portfolio that consists of nothing but stocks, as opposed to exchange-traded funds that most robo-advisors target, Swell Investing is an excellent solution.

With them, you can choose from numerous SRI-themed portfolios and invest in any combination. These include clean water, zero waste, green tech, disease eradication, healthy living and renewable energy. Each portfolio includes between 40 and 70 individual stocks, many with prominent names like Merck and Tesla.

Although customization for these portfolios is somewhat limited, there’s still plenty of features to enjoy. For example, you have access to certified financial planning experts via email and phone. Swell Investing also offers tools for comprehensive digital financial planning, and the portfolios work great for a variety of asset types, including non-retirement IRAs (rollover, SEP, traditional and Roth). Swell Investing has another feature that makes it a viable choice: thematic portfolios.

One thing that makes Swell Investing stand out is its all-in pricing of 0.75% chargeable on a monthly basis. While this is higher than the average, it’s more cost-effective in the long run compared to others. Instead of paying for closing an account or trading from within an account as other robo-advisors do, Swell Investing takes a different approach.

Regardless of which portfolio you ultimately decide on, you can help offset the pricing by telling your family and friends about Swell Investing. For every three that sign up and fund an account, you’ll receive a $300 promotional bonus. Another aspect of Swell Investing that has people feeling excited is the low balance requirement of only $100.

One reason that many people don’t invest is that they don’t have the funds to do so. Opening and maintaining a low balance makes it easier.

The Bottom Line

If you want to work with a robo-advisor to help with your money management and investing needs, Swell Investing has a lot to offer. Although opening and maintaining an account is easy, you benefit tremendously.

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