Having served more than two million people, it’s apparent that knows what it’s doing. For people looking to secure a new loan, refinance an existing one, or consolidate debt, this platform is an excellent choice. For any of these needs, most people have no idea where to turn. That combined with limited time to research multiple lending institutions makes the entire process challenging.

With, people simply provide the requested information. In response, they receive a list of viable lenders. When using this platform, pre-qualification generally takes less than five minutes to complete. Also, researching the different lenders has no impact on a person’s credit history. In fact, to use this service, there’s no need to provide a Social Security number. Only after an individual selects a lender and starts the application process does that information come into play.

Available Loan Types provides lender information for a variety of loan types. These include:

  • Home equity
  • Debt consolidation
  • First mortgages
  • Refinancing
  • Personal
  • Home improvement also has a “Find My Rate” tool, which allows consumers to locate the lowest interest rate available. There’s an assortment of financial tools as well, all designed to help people manage their money better. For instance, there are calculators for mortgages, debt consolidation, and home equity loans. These features eliminate guesswork.

Although all of’s products are beneficial, a lot of people turn to this source for debt consolidation. Whether overwhelmed with student loans, medical bills, IRS penalties, or credit card balances, people who use this platform can quickly identify the best lending institution for their specific needs.

The mortgage aspect of this platform is also advantageous. Although interest rates are currently low, there’s no telling when the Federal Reserve will increase them. For this reason, people rely on to find a quality lender, so they can lock into a low rate before anything changes.

The Bottom Line

For finding and reviewing information on reputable lenders, offers an excellent service. Along with this and all the helpful tools, visitors to the site will discover blogs with insightful information and tips.