Purefy by Pen Fed Credit Union

Purefy by Pen Fed Credit Union

In 2017, Purefy announced its launch of an online platform dedicated to refinancing student loans. Not only does Pen Fed Credit Union offer this service, but the Purefy product is perfectly tailored specifically to this financial institution.

Incredible Benefits

Following are some examples of why using Purefy through the Pen Fed Credit Union makes sense.

Streamlined Process

With the Purefy platform, people no longer have to spend countless hours trying to find the right lender. Instead, they benefit from a streamlined process. After submitting the required information, users receive various options, followed by selecting the one lender that best matches their criteria.

Lower Interest

By receiving information on multiple lending institutions, people can identify those with the lowest interest rate. With the “Find My Rate” tool, they can look at a side-by-side comparison to see what different lending institutions offer. This tool also allows them to compare interest rates between refinancing a student loan with and without a cosigner.

Married Couples

The partnership between Purefy and the Pen Fed Credit Union includes a unique benefit for married couples. Instead of paying two individual student loans, they can consolidate them. With lower interest rates, they make lower payments each month. Especially when just starting out in life as a couple, this makes finances more manageable.

FICO Score

Submitting multiple applications in an effort to refinance student loan puts inquiries on peoples’ credit report. The problem is that too many inquiries can lower a person’s FICO score, making them less creditworthy. With Purefy, people can review information on as many lending institutions they want but without impacting their credit score.


Adding the Purefy platform to an already impressive list of products and services, the Pen Fed Credit Union enhances its customers’ experience. If struggling to find a lender that will refinance a student loan, people can turn to one trusted source for help. With Purefy as part of the Pen Fed Credit Union’s offerings, there’s now a transparent way to do this. As vetted lenders, they all have a long history of providing excellent services and low-interest rates.

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