MetroMile is a unique app that helps people optimize their driving, which reduces the cost of owning and operating a vehicle. As a comprehensive tool, it gives users insight into their driving habits and more, which they can turn into significant savings.

One feature of the MetroMile app is that drivers can see how their speed varies on any given trip. They can also track the amount of money spent at the gas pump and the length of time it takes to reach their destination. With everything combined, owners gain a better understanding of their commutes, allowing them to make adjustments to reduce spending.

Another feature of the MetroMile app helps people remember where they parked. Especially when visiting a large shopping mall, sporting facility, or concert venue, it’s easy to forget where you parked your vehicle. This feature is also beneficial for drivers who struggle with memory. In a matter of seconds, a user can find their car. 

This app even has a street-sweeping feature. For drivers who live in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Chicago, parking in the wrong area or at the wrong time can lead to a hefty fine. With an alert system, drivers either know areas to avoid ahead of time or they’re advised that someone is handing out tickets and then need to move their vehicle immediately.

MetroMile also has a feature for maintaining a healthy car. Most newer models have a built-in computer system that advises of something amiss, whether that is low tire pressure, needing an oil change, or having engine trouble. However, older cars don’t. This app works by decoding engine lights and diagnosing the vehicle’s health and performance.

Drivers can even spend less on insurance. Customers who have pay-per-mile insurance can take advantage of the MetroMile Pulse. After plugging it into the OBD-II port, this device measures mileage and powers the main app’s smart driving feature. Again, users can track their trips and make optimizing changes, locate a parked car, monitor the vehicle’s health, and in select cities, receive street-sweeping alerts.

As the name implies, MetroMobile is an app designed for smartphones and tablets. Along with all the incredible benefits mentioned, drivers can also file an insurance claim by going through an easy online process. The company has a professional staff available 24/7 to assist.

If this all sounds great, check to see if MetroMile is available in your area here!