Currently, LendingTree ranks as the number 1 online source for people interested in securing loans. With this service, consumers receive information on several lending institutions as well as a variety of loan types. While LendingTree isn’t a lender, it does serve as an aggregator that brings lenders and borrowers together on one online platform.

Since opening for business in 1998, LendingTree has facilitated over 55 million loan requests. This platform provides the following facilitation services:

  • Home financing – as a licensed mortgage broker, home loans are LendingTree’s primary focus. People receive a list of lenders that offer first-time mortgages, home equity loans, reverse loans and refinancing. They also covers construction financing, as well as FHA and VA mortgages.
  • Student loans – LendingTree also specializes in the student loan area. For people who want to attend college but need financial backing to do so, they can review multiple lenders from this one platform. Not only are new loans available but also those used to refinance current debt.
  • Business loans – companies of all sizes and industries benefit from the services that LendingTree provides. However, this service is especially beneficial for small businesses. Along with lenders for conventional small business loans, it offers those that handle SBA loans, working capital loans and more. Consumers can also research corporate credit card issuers and lending institutions for machine financing.
  • Automobile loans – for new, used or certified pre-owned vehicles, LendingTree offers a broad list of viable auto lenders. It also covers lending institutions for boats, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Credit cards – considering the vast number of credit card offers available, it takes a lot of work to narrow the choices down. After providing credit and financial information, LendingTree delivers the details of different issuing companies. For those who want to secure more than one credit card, this service eliminates the need to submit separate applications.
  • Debt consolidation – for those who want to consolidate existing debt, perhaps to lock in a lower interest rate, they can turn to LendingTree for an extensive selection of lenders. Along with actual loans, users can gain access to resources that help streamline the process of consolidating debt.


LendingTree is a one-stop-shop for people interested in one of the financial products listed. Ultimately, this saves consumers a tremendous amount of time and effort.