Hiscox Small Business Insurance

Business owners face a lot of challenges. One of these is finding excellent insurance at a competitive price. Hiscox is an online company that provides a service for this exact need. With partnerships with some of the most reputable insurance companies, finding the right kind of coverage is much easier.

Rather than buying something that isn’t required or guessing at the type of policy that works best, Hiscox actually tailors insurance coverage on a customer-by-customer basis.

This service is available in every state. When visiting the website, you can get started by selecting the correct geographic location from a drop-down menu on the home page. Next, you’ll select the type of professional you need. With that complete, simply click on the “Get a Quote” button in bright red.

There are several unique aspects of Hiscox. One of these is that the insurance providers offer policies for a broad range of professions. Some examples include engineers, construction workers, landscapers, consultants and marketers. In fact, people can find excellent business insurance when working as a janitor or fitness trainer. There are very few limitations.

As for the type of coverage, this too is quite impressive. Following are some of the particulars:

  • General liability - every business owner knows the importance of good general liability protection. With this, the business has protection against any third-party claims relating to property damage, bodily injury and even personal injury, which includes libel and slander
  • Professional liability - Hiscox also has connections to insurance companies for professional liability coverage. This type of insurance protects professionals from claims having to do with negligence while conducting business
  • Errors and omissions or E&O - with errors and omissions, the protection covers different types of a professional services business. The coverage is for claims of negligence or in instances where someone claims the individual or company failed to perform professional duties
  • Business owner’s policy - a business owner’s policy is yet another type of insurance policy that Hiscox can help people find. Included with this are general liability as well as coverage for business property. That includes equipment, tools, furniture and various other assets used by the business to operate
  • Worker’s compensation - the government mandates that business owners have worker’s compensation insurance. That way, if an employee sustains an injury while on the job or develops a work-related illness, the owner has protection. Not having this type of coverage could result in the company receiving penalties or fines.
  • Cyber security - at one time, cybercriminals didn’t exist. Today, they wreak havoc on companies of all sizes and industries. Through Hiscox, business owners can protect their investment against cyberattacks