Cover Hound

Whether searching for personal or business insurance, most people feel the process takes too much time and creates too much confusion. Cover Hound, a trusted online service, resolves both of these issues. With a vast network of trusted insurers, the company compares different policies to find exactly what you need.

Rather than a lot of unnecessary information or a hard to maneuver layout, Cover Hound is simple and easy to use. What makes this service so beneficial is that it creates transparency with the insurance industry.

One of the many unique aspects of Cover Hound is that its insurance advisers don’t work on a sales commission. Instead, they receive compensation based on sales and renewals, as well as surpassing the customer’s expectations. Not only does this mean the advisers focus solely on the customer but also that you’ll receive unbiased recommendations. Ultimately, this service is 100% free to use.

A lot of people now use Cover Hound because of the money it saves on both personal and business insurance. While scouring providers, the licensed advisers make sure to apply all eligible discounts. With nothing overlooked, there’s an excellent chance of spending much less on a policy.

In addition to helping people find excellent insurance coverage, you’ll discover a blog resource on its website. There, you can read about various types of policies to gain a better understanding of how insurance works. There are also well-written posts about insurance for different industries, insurance for special coverage and much more.

All you have to do to use the Cover Hound service is click on the green “Start Here” button on their home page for business insurance. As for personal coverage, you would simply click on the blue “Explore Your Options” button. Regardless of the one that you select, the site will redirect you to another page based on the type of coverage you’re interested in securing.

Depending on the type of insurance you want, you’ll provide additional information. For instance, if you choose auto insurance, the site will ask for your ZIP code, the number of vehicles you own, and the number of drivers you want to have insured. That way, it can better focus on insurance providers with the right coverage for the lowest premium.

There’s a phone number posted as well if you prefer to speak directly with one of the professional insurance advisers. A few examples of the insurance companies that Cover Hound partners with include Safeco, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive, all prominent names within the industry.