CashAdvance has helped people secure short-term loans for the past 20-plus years. With a strong commitment to transparency and ethical practices, this brand has become a trusted source. If you need to borrow money quickly, the online system streamlines the process. While there’s no charge for using this service, there are fees involved depending on your state of residence, the lender, and the amount you borrow.

At, short-term loans and lines of credit are available. After submitting a request for a loan, this company searches its vast network of lending partners and financial service providers to match your application to the best source. The primary focus of is to secure the funds that people need and to ensure a positive borrowing experience.

As one of the most respected and recognized online lenders of short-term loans, provides a viable service. This company offers loans between $100 and $999, which vary depending on the amount the lender approves. From there, the money gets deposited directly into your checking account, usually the following business day.

Because serves as a gateway for a host of qualified lenders, the interest rate and terms associated with loans are only disclosed by the lending institution after completing the loan request. If approved for a loan, you do not have to accept it regardless of the reason. However, once approved and accepted, you must abide by all terms as outlined in the contract.

Although does not pull any credit reports, there’s a chance the lender you choose will. Typically, people with excellent credit receive quick approval as well as the best rates and terms. However, with a network of lenders, there are even options for individuals with less-than-perfect credit looking for a short-term loan.

Usually, you’ll receive a notification of either approval or denial for your loan request within a matter of minutes. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a phone call or email from the actual lending institution. At that point, you can discuss the loan in detail.