Sharing the Love on National Puppy Day with Neutin Gifted Rewards

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Posted on: 03/23/2022
A happily smiling man holds a French bulldog puppy up next to his face

Being a dog parent is a fun, yet full-time, job. Pet parenthood is a labor of love as well as an investment, and it costs to ensure your dog is healthy and happy. Through good times and bad, your dog is the broke best friend you don’t mind footing the bill for because you can’t stand to leave home without them.

The good news is, when you are a Neutin Gifted Rewards member and a pet parent, you can use your perks to find amazing savings that you and your favorite canine crew member can enjoy together. And there is no better time or day to do that than on National Puppy Day.

That’s right!

In 2006 pet and home lifestyle expert Colleen Paige created National Puppy Day as a way to commemorate the unconditional adoration and good vibes dogs give their human pack members and to encourage orphaned pet adoption. And when you are a Neutin Gifted Rewards member, your dog can take advantage of your exclusive discounts, too.

For current or soon-to-be pet parents who want to celebrate National Puppy Day (which, let's be honest, is every day), here are 4 ways to say I Ruff You that your dog (and you!) will appreciate whether your pup is 10 months or 10 years old.

#1. Take your pup on a date

Escort your dog on a lunch or dinner date to a dog-friendly restaurant from one of our thousands of dining options. We suggest getting dressed up and even taking a selfie to show your dog how much you love them. 

#2. Go on a picnic in the park

Fill your picnic basket with goodies from the markets and grocery stores listed under the popular offers categories. If you need something specific for your park outing, check out the discounts available at your local and online retail stores to make this time with your pup special.

#3. Pack up the car and hit the road

Dogs love a road trip. Whether it's to the corner store or granny's house, dogs love to travel as much as we do because of the different sights, smells, and other animals they experience. Neutin offers travel discounts to make you and your pup happy to get away.

#4. Take your dog to the vet

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Neutin members have access to discount services like the neighborhood veterinarian and other pet-care places to keep your fur baby well and in your life for years and years to come.

Neutin provides you and your dog with rewards that save you time and money. If you’re not yet a member, show your dog you love being their hooman on National Puppy Day with a Neutin membership.

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