Pay Tribute and Save this Black History Month

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Posted on: 02/01/2023
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It's February, and that means it's Black History Month. For 28 days, African American achievements and countless contributions to society and American history are recognized and celebrated. Observed in Canada, Ireland, and all October long in the United Kingdom, Black History Month is a time for all to pay tribute to the history of the African diaspora.

During this month-long celebration of learning and exploring Black culture, wanting to participate in the events and do so cost-effectively is a huge plus. Fortunately, when you are a Neutin Rewards member, you can do both. You can pay tribute to the Black community and save because, with Neutin, you can access more than 500,000 savings opportunities across the United States and Canada. That's right! Neutin's Gifted Rewards program members can honor Black Canadians and African Americans in over 10,000 cities in those areas, saving you money as you pay homage.

Now that you know you can save, how can you pay tribute? Here are five ways you can use your Neutin rewards to strengthen, promote, and empower the legacy and future of this resilient and inspirational community.

#1. Support a Black-owned business

Approximately 1.15 million, or 19.9% of employer businesses in 2020, were minority-owned, according to the 2021 Annual Business Survey (ABS). Of that number, there were reportedly 140,918 Black or African-American-owned enterprises. In Canada, there are much fewer. Considering the importance of supporting all small businesses, supporting Black-owned businesses during Black History month is, in essence, what the month is about. Use your Neutin membership to FIND AMAZING SAVINGS at your neighborhood Black-owned business.

#2. Have a chat over coffee or tea to learn about the Black experience

A great way to learn about Black history is to talk with someone who lived it. During Black History Month, arrange a time to meet with someone who can share a first-hand experience about notable historical events and the Black experience — both past and present. Many local coffee shops or libraries during this month host speaker series, so consider meeting at one of these events in your area. Check out the RESTAURANTS category to get started.

#3. Host a Black history movie night

There are so many movies and documentaries about Black history! This is a great opportunity to get your family, friends, and community involved in celebrating the reason for this month. Use your Neutin rewards to get snacks and other movie night essentials to ensure your guest are engaged and comfortable. Items like popcorn, an extra chair, or even a notepad to take notes. There are so many ways to make this night memorable and enlightening. Search through the HOME & GARDEN, SHOPPING ONLINE, and SHOPPING LOCAL categories for all your movie night needs.

#4. Travel to a Black History museum

When you have a Neutin Gifted Rewards membership, you have access to savings close to where you are or while you travel. This month is the perfect time to take a family vacation or solo trip to a museum near or far to learn about the life and experience of some of the important figures and events celebrated this month. And Neutin makes it easy to print coupons from home or show them at your destination on your phone. Discover great 2-for-1 and 50% off coupons in the TRAVEL category today.

#5. Read books about the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement is one of many significant periods in Black history. Take a deeper dive into this movement this month by reading books that highlight the people behind the movement and some of the highways, statues, and street signs across the U.S. and Canada. Find books in the SHOPPING ONLINE and SHOPPING LOCAL categories.

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