Neutin Offers the Sweetest Deals to Make This Sweetest Day the Sweetest

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Posted on: 10/11/2022
A smiling woman holds a heart-shaped box while looking over the shoulder of the man she is hugging. His face is in profile smiling at her.

It's like Valentine's Day but sweeter - Sweetest Day is what it's called. And if you have never heard of this holiday before, it's ok! But maybe this year is the perfect time to participate in the day designed to show someone that you care. It's also an opportunity to go out of your way to be kind to a stranger, family member, or friend. Sweetest Day gives everyone a reason to be sweet-tempered in an effort to make someone's day sweeter, lighter, and hopefully brighter.  

Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, the first Sweetest Day was held in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. The idea for this holiday was imagined by Herbert Birch Kingston, a Clevelander who worked at a candy store and was also a philanthropist. He gathered fellow candy workers to distribute candy and gifts to the less fortunate in the area. By 1930, Sweetest Day had grown so much that big-name Hollywood stars joined the celebration, sharing candy and kindness throughout Cleveland to newsboys (who were important figures in those days), local hospitals, the elderly, and the poor.  

While Sweetest Day is observed mainly in the Great Lakes region of the US, it has become a good-humored holiday that can be commemorated throughout the country. Luckily for Neutin members, they can cash in on all kinds of sweet deals available through Neutin's more than 500,000 savings opportunities in more than 10,000 cities - whether you're near Cleveland or anywhere throughout the United States and Canada.  

And the savings and deals keep getting sweeter. That's because when you are a Neutin member, your membership provides access to a generous mix of oh-so-sweet savings, coupons, discounts, and rebates that no one else offers. Every day can be Sweetest Day with Neutin - and it is! That's because Neutin members get the sweetest 2-for-1 deals and 50% off coupons on dining, attractions, shopping, travel, activities, and so much more every day, all year long. Plus, Neutin makes accessing your savings easy too. All you have to do is find the great coupons you want to use in the Neutin app, then simply show them on your phone or print them from home. Now, how easy is that?   

To sweeten the deal, when you sign up for Neutin, you automatically get our exclusive Bonus Rewards just for being a member. It can't get any sweeter than that. 

So, what are you waiting for? A Neutin membership also gives you access to additional VIP discounts on things you need to make your day sweeter, including household essentials like internet, home energy, and a whole lot more. 

Now that you know how sweet Neutin's deals are, how will you celebrate Sweetest Day this year? This year Sweetest Day falls on October 15th. Do you have someone in your life who would like to share a romantic gesture or express kindness and love? How about a charity you'd like to volunteer your time with or donate to? If you need some ideas, Neutin has more than a half million ways to show how much you care or can be sweet to a colleague, neighbor, classmate, or even a pet.  

From categories like Health & Beauty, Shopping (both Local and Online), Automotive, Family Fun, and Golfing, to name a few, this year's Sweetest Day can be both affordable and good-hearted. Of course, gifts, cards, flowers, and candy are great ways to show someone you care. No matter how you decide to recognize Sweetest Day, make sure whatever you do it's from the heart and with Neutin.   

The 14th Dalai Lama once said, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." We couldn't agree more. So, consider being sweet and kind this year, too.   

Happy Sweetest Day from all of us at Neutin! 

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