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Posted on: 01/18/2023
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Happy New Year! It's 2023. A new calendar year full of possibilities and opportunities. And as tradition would have it, with the new year come new resolutions. Every year, millions of people promise to do something different in the upcoming year. Unfortunately, those promises are often long forgotten by the end of the first month (or even the very first week) of the year. There's even a day dedicated to this inevitable reality of people not sticking to the resolutions they made for the year — Quitter's Day

It's an unofficial holiday, but "Ditch New Year's Resolution Day, "as it's also called, is recognized on the second Friday in January. This year, Quitter's Day was on January 13th - but not everyone was celebrating. The good news is that approximately eight percent of folks who make a resolution will successfully keep their new year promises, which is worth celebrating. 

Given these dismal figures, we realize it's not easy to keep your New Year's resolutions, so we will focus on the positive. And that's the beauty of every new year; there is so much positivity! It's a chance to start again, create new habits, and set new goals. When you're a Neutin member, we can help you keep your promises. That's right! Rewards are everything to us at Neutin. So every time you keep your promise, you can reward yourself with savings and more.

That's because Neutin members get access to over 500,000 savings opportunities in over 10,000 cities across the United States and Canada, saving you money - and lots of it. When you're a Neutin Rewards Member, we save you money whether you're close to home or away visiting family, for work, or just out enjoying life and having fun. It's easy to save with Neutin because we make it easy (and fun) to keep up with your 2023 goals. As a member, you can print your Rewards at home — or simply show your phone at your local gym, smoothie shop, and more!

Every year, many people make the same resolutions. And, of course, saving money is on that list. We've curated a list of the most common New Year's Resolutions for 2023, according to Statista, and how Neutin can help our members stick to and exceed these goals. 

#1. Exercise More — (52%)

Gym memberships are expected to rise during the first few weeks of the new year. However, this very popular new year goal is achievable, especially when the savings last all year. All it takes is a quick search in the Health and Beauty category, where members can find discounts and waived membership fees at countless fitness clubs. And Neutin also offers savings on home exercise equipment from nearby stores or online retailers if you prefer to exercise at home. 

#2. Eat Healthier — (50%)

After a great workout, a smoothie or a freshly-squeezed juice is the perfect reward. Neutin members can save big at their favorite post-workout shop or juice bar when you're on the go. For your everyday nutritional needs, especially if you like to meal prep, you can also save time and money at your local grocery store. Then in the spring, you can even take it a step further - check out Neutin's Home and Garden category and start a garden. That's a guaranteed way to eat healthy all year.  

#3. Lose Weight — (40%)

Need help losing weight this year? Neutin can help. Check out the Services Categories, as we offer discounts on personal training. Having a trainer is an incredible health service option for our members who want to eat healthier and exercise more but want guidance. 

#4. Save More Money — (39%)

Just by becoming a Neutin member, you save. Plus, our Gifted Rewards program gives you a unique mix of savings, coupons, discounts, and rebates that no one else offers, like 2-for-1 and 50% off coupons for all your yearly goals. 

#5. Spend More Time with Family and Friends — (37%)

Start with our Family Fun category to spend more time and save money with your family and friends, both near and far. Our members save on dining, activities (memories), shopping (gifts), and travel. This resolution is easy to keep when you're a Neutin member.

If a Neutin Membership isn't on your New Year's Resolution list yet, did you know that Neutin also grants you access to extra VIP discounts on things like the internet and home energy, which you use regularly? Yes! Start the year off right with a membership with Neutin.

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