Four Ways to Use Your Neutin Rewards to Celebrate Women’s History Month

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Posted on: 03/01/2022
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The month of March marks the beginning of the end of winter, the dawn of spring, and the celebration of women and their impact on history. Since 1987, all thirty-one days of March have been dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments and contributions made by women in our society.

That said, March is a wonderful month to be a woman in America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, where Women's History Month is observed. It's also an excellent opportunity to think outside of the box to thank the women making a difference in the world and in your world... and that’s where Neutin Gifted Rewards can help.

Traditionally, corporations and organizations celebrate Women's History Month with conferences, social media posts, and feature stories shared by major news and streaming outlets. However, considering this year's theme is Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope, we’ve curated a list of ways Neutin can help everyone give thanks and pay tribute to the women in our lives who have had a hand in shaping society, influencing communities, and empowering families and individuals. 

#1. Send Flowers

Both sending and receiving flowers are probably equally lovely. It's the anticipation of the delivery and surprise and the surprise after the bouquet has been delivered. So, for a woman who deserves to receive her flowers while she's out there making a difference, why not take advantage of your Neutin membership to find a great local florist and send her some live, fragrant flowers during Women's History Month?

#2. Say “Thank You” with a Handwritten Note

Use your Neutin rewards to purchase some elegant note cards and share your appreciation with a woman (or women!) leading an organization or effort you benefit from. For example, consider penning a note to the local women politicians leading the charge in your community to make a difference. We're sure it will energize her efforts and make her day.

 #3. Give the Gift of Self-Care

Neutin has partnerships with thousands of local and national businesses specializing in massages and other soothing forms of self-care. Considering most women sacrifice taking care of themselves to care for their children and families, nothing says Happy Women's History Month like spending some time with your favorite woman – you.

#4. Grab a Cup of Coffee or Tea for a Woman in Your Community Who Inspires

With every sip of her favorite coffee or tea she will feel cherished, seen, and valued. Consider cashing in a convenient Neutin coupon at the nearest coffee shop to show a woman who makes the world (and you) better with a cup of her favorite brew. It’s easy to redeem right from the app!

When you are a Neutin Gifted Rewards member, you have so many options and opportunities to be creative and financially conscious when gift giving. It doesn’t take much time and effort with Neutin to make your own impact this Women’s History Month.

Not a member yet? What are you waiting for? Check out all the great savings and rewards here. 

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