Enjoy Skiing and Family Fun This Winter with Neutin

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Posted on: 12/27/2022
Three siblings in ski gear including helmets, goggles, and poles are seen skiing down a slope with mountains in the background.

Making memories with your friends and family is the best thing you can do, especially over the holidays. Skiing is a fantastic and enjoyable holiday excursion to consider. Yes! Hitting the slopes this year may be a tradition for some, but skiing is a first-time experience for many.

In the 2021–2022 ski season, as reported by the National Ski Areas Association, a trade group for ski area owners and operators based in Lakeland, Colorado, 60.7 million skiers visited a ski resort. That still means that few Americans ski, compared to the 332 million people in the United States. The same holds true for Canada - in 2019–2020, 18.52 million Canadians participated in skiing.

According to NewToSki, there has been a population reduction in the sport over the last ten years for various causes, but accessibility concerns have been the most significant contributor. Since many people don't live close to a ski area, the cost of transportation and equipment to ski is simply too high.

However, when you're a Neutin member, we can cut your next ski trip costs in half. Yes! In half. With Neutin, you can enjoy incredible 50% off discounts for restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping, services, and travel. We're taking ski gear, ski clothing, dining before and after skiing, travel to and from the ski resort, and everything you need to make your next (or first!) ski trip warm and memorable.

If we do say so ourselves, our Gifted Rewards program is impressive. We genuinely mean it. Consider the fantastic deals we offer right in time for the holidays. For you and a friend, we give our members a 2-for-1 discount. Our rewards program gives members access to more than 500,000 savings opportunities in more than 10,000 cities all over the United States and Canada, saving you money whether you're traveling from the east or west coast or in warm or cold weather.

We make saving easy. So when it's time to say, "ski ya later," you don't have to worry about how to redeem your rewards. You can print your Rewards at home if you're a member or just present your phone and get ready to live like there's snow tomorrow.

Have we "peaked" your interest? If so, and you're not a Neutin member yet, sign up today. You don't have to be a genius to save with Neutin, and we've got the numbers to prove it! In just the first month of their membership, Neutin has already helped thousands of our members save an average of over $110.00. Now that's a lot of savings, especially in just one month!

And as a literal added bonus, our unique Bonus Rewards are only offered by Neutin, and when you sign up to become a member — you immediately receive them. These great rebates can be redeemed on almost anything, so check it out and see for yourself!

Skiing is enjoyable and a marvelous opportunity to appreciate parts of the natural world we might not otherwise experience. Skiing is a form of exercise and fitness for skilled skiers. We at Neutin are excited about all the memories you will make on the downhill, whether you're a newbie wishing to try this activity for the first time or an experienced shredder on the black diamond slopes. There is only one piece of advice we can offer: master the appropriate ski posture and don't forget to have fun. Okay, that was two. Happy saving!

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