Calling All Pet Lovers: Are You Ready to Save?

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Posted on: 09/20/2022
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At Neutin, we are more than an all-in-one rewards program company offering savings and bonuses. We pride ourselves in partnering with companies across the United States and Canada that can provide savings opportunities that can make life easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable for our members and community, especially their four-legged community members. 

And while we offer unique savings opportunities, the month of September is as unique. This month, Americans informally commemorate several events for the furry (and feathered, and scaly) friends we share our homes and lives with. Our goal here at Neutin is to make it more affordable for our members to celebrate the important moments and milestones in their lives, no matter how big or how small.

If you need a reason to spoil your pet, September is the month to do it! The entire month of September is Happy Cat Month, National Service Dog Month, National Pet Insurance Month, and Animal Pain Awareness Month. Additionally, September 8 was National Dog Walker Appreciation Day and National Iguana Awareness Day, so mark your calendars for next year! The 19th is National Cat DNA Day, and make your plans early if you’d like to participate in the World’s Largest Pet Walk on September 25. That's a lot of love going around! 

Considering Neutin’s Gifted Rewards program gives all members (including pet lovers) access to more than a half million chances to save money in over 10,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada, these real savings can go towards providing a cat, dog, or other wonderful critter with pet insurance, healthy food, toys and training, or a loving home.  

When you sign up for Neutin, you automatically get our exclusive Bonus Rewards for being a member and good hooman. After you register your rebate, make a qualifying purchase, and send your receipt and voucher, you can use your Bonus Rewards at your local vet, pet store, or adoption center. If you really want to make your Bonus Rewards dollars count, consider saving an older or disabled pet during Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week, which takes place from September 19th through September 25th.  

A less-adoptable pet, according to, is an animal that spends nearly a year on their adoption site as opposed to the more desirable” animals that typically wait less than three months before being adopted. So when you calculate all of the joy and love animals bring to the lives of their human families, the money you’ll save with your Neutin Membership is worth every penny!  

And Neutin members are saving more than pennies. With our incredible 2-for-1 and half-off coupons on dining, activities, shopping, services, and travel, you and your fur baby will surely make the most of your savings and time together.  

Oh! Did we mention your Neutin membership gives you access to additional VIP savings on everyday household needs like internet, home energy, and more? Yes! These savings will may your home purrfect for you AND your cat or dog.  

Not a member yet? Do you have extra room in your home and heart to care for a pet but need extra space in your wallet? Then, consider signing up for Neutin Gifted Rewards today and get ready to save time, money, and a pet.  

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Finance Guru