Benefits of Landline Phones

With cell phones being so prominent, most people don’t use landline phones anymore. To be honest, we don’t understand why. There are many benefits of landline phones that you don’t get with a cell phone. Learn more now!

The more we become a tech-centric society, the less room there is for outdated things like landline phones - at least that’s what you may figure. Landline phones may not have the portable convenience, sleekness or digital capacity of the latest iPhone or Android, but there are benefits in having one in your home. Before you go yanking the landline phone out of your house, think twice, because there’s a surprisingly good amount of reasons to keep it plugged it.


On the forefront of landline advantages is the question of emergencies. In the case of a 911 phone call, a landline is impressively more reliable than its cellular counterpart. When someone is hurt and in dire need of medical attention or there’s a situation that demands the immediate response of police or fire, a landline will never falter under the guise of poor reception, unlike a cellphone. In an intense emergency situation, the last thing you’ll want to mess with is running around your house or yard in an attempt to get a signal where minutes can mean life or death.

In emergencies, landlines also boast a fixed location - another feature that cellphones don’t have when it comes down to a phone call to a 911 dispatcher. Calling from a cellphone, dispatchers must ask the question, “What is your location?”  When using a landline, the location is made available, saving time and saving lives in the case of an emergency.

Smart Home Integration

Landline phones aren’t the old, clunky, outdated pieces of communication you once thought they were. Nowadays, landline phones have caught up to the fast-paced, modern and feature-filled capabilities of technologies that users are so accustomed to in cellphones. New landlines have the ability to have Universal Caller ID, readable voicemails, text messaging, modes that feature “Do Not Disturb”, location functions and can connect to the home’s other internal devices like TVs. 

These features can also be made available to smartphones as apart of bundle deals, allowing for a fully integrated Smart Home system. With the support of Bluetooth connection, you can utilize a cordless handset to receive notifications of incoming calls and texts, as well as make calls. Some newer models can allow for numerous home landline phones from a single base, even enabling a walkie-talkie system throughout large homes. Landlines don’t have to bog down your Smart Home tech, but rather make it better by seamlessly functioning in its overall system. 

High Quality Voice & Reception

You’ll notice that smartphones don’t have the highest quality of voice and reception when you make a call. Sometimes, the sound breaks up, you struggle to find a signal or the call drops completely. However, for a landline, these problems are nonexistent. A landline phone has a hard line connection that taps directly into the phone network in comparison to a cellphone that relies on a shaky, wirelessly transmitted signal.

The results with a landline phone are much better than those of a mobile - no static, improved signal reception and fewer calls dropped, which as discussed before, can be make or break in the dire times of an emergency situation. If you do most of your talking to your friends, family and long-distance relatives in your home, having a landline phone is the way to go. You’ll have long, uninterrupted conversations without having to worry about the signal breaking up, which is in the end, what a phone is meant to do.

Bundling Home Services

Having a landline phone is convenient in the fact that providers can easily group it in with the other features they provide for your home like cable TV or Internet. Not only is this a cheaper option for most homeowners to opt for keeping their landlines, but also they’ll end up with better package deals from their providers. 

For things like installing a security system, a landline actually makes the process simpler. It’s also less expensive to install it because it’s one less thing for them to have to do, as a trustworthy, reliable landline is required for a good security system anyway. The end result for the consumers are bundles that end up being a better deal that include a landline than those that don’t, because it works out for everyone’s favor to end up keeping them in tact.


You don’t have to be overly paranoid to know that privacy is becoming a big concern for cellphones and other Smart Home devices these days. Are our smartphones spying on us?  Are those ads popping up on our social media feeds because our devices are secretly tapping into our casual conversations without us realizing it? These aren’t questions that are absurd, but in fact are a wake up call for those of us reliant on modern tech.

Landlines, alternatively, transmit data via a fixed medium and so they’re much more secure than their cellphone counterparts. After all, how many times did you worry back in the day about your home phone spying on you, shoving ads in your news feeds or using your conversations to market to you the next day?

Cost Efficiency

In the same vein of the convenience of bundling your home internet services, security systems and cable TV, there’s an unbeatable level of cost efficiency in keeping your landline phone. In most cases, you’re doing the internet provider a favor by saving them time and money by having an already established landline or opting to have on installed, and ultimately, they’ll pass these savings onto you.

In comparison to cellphone lines and their data usage (well, there isn’t comparison), landlines will always be the cheaper option. Smartphones in today’s market now boast price tags of hundreds of dollars. With companies like Apple debuting a new iPhone with must-have operating systems every other year, cellphones make for expensive purchases. Landlines, however, still retain features like Caller ID, voicemail, paging and even messaging, but without the costs that are attached. If all you’re looking for is a way to talk to your family, friends and relatives without breaking the bank, then landlines are most definitely the way to go.

Landlines Renovate Themselves for Multiple Advantages

Having confidence in your line of communication is enough of a reason to opt for a landline phone, but there are of course numerous other advantages landlines have over cellphones. With a reliable landline, you’ll always be able to count on a static-free connection, calls that are clear with quality that cellphones cannot match, calls that won’t drop due to a missed or blocked signal and the ability to bundle and save for the install through your service provider. 

No longer are landlines what you once imagined them to be when you were growing up - blocky handsets with equally clunky buttons, limited features and poor digital screens that were stuck in just displaying the incoming or outgoing numbers. New technology has married the idea of the trustworthy landline to gift it the convenient, modern features like those of a smartphone but still using the hardwired connection that originally bestowed it