13 Summertime Fun Ideas That Will Make You Glad You’re a Neutin Rewards Member

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Posted on: 06/13/2022
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The days are long, and the weather is warm. It's summertime—the season when memories are made near the water or under the sunlit sky. Schools are out, and so are the fireflies waiting to greet you. It's 93 days of fun and sun that most of us just can't get enough of.

For Neutin Rewards members, all seasons are fun, but summer is especially fun because, with more daylight and things to do, that means more opportunities to save. And when you are a Neutin Rewards member, saving is a breeze. There are so many 2-for-1 and 50% off coupons on dining, attractions, activities, shopping, services, travel, and so much more in over 10,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Whew! All those savings just gave us a brain freeze!

Now that June is upon us, that means summer is here, and it's time to fill up your calendar with those summertime fun plans to keep you entertained all summer and warm during the winter. If you’re a Neutin Rewards member and want cool and refreshing ideas that are both memorable and affordable, we have collected 13 ways to have a blast using your rewards for every week this summer.

Week 1: Enjoy a free outdoor concert

Nothing says summertime like an outdoor concert. Neutin comes in handy when you need to find the perfect accessories for your outdoor concert. Need chairs? How about a picnic basket or blanket? Neutin will have you sitting comfortably in the best seat in the house with all your outdoor-concert essentials.
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Week 2: Go fishing

Summer is o-FISH-ially the best time to go fishing. It’s a relaxing sport that offers a tasty meal afterward. Retail Giants like Bass Pro Shops or Play it Again Sports offer savings exclusive to Neutin Members worth sea-lecting.
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Week 3: Make your own ice cream from scratch

Nothing beats the summer heat better than a scoop of ice cream. But, of course, you could have an endless supply of your favorite flavors if you make them at home. This summertime activity is a great idea to incorporate every family member, even your pups. Did someone say, "pup cup?" Need a recipe? Check out this NYT Cooking method for any flavor you may like.
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Week 4: Host an outdoor movie night

Gather your friends, family, and neighbors for a backyard movie night. You'll need a movie projector, a blanket or wall to cast your movie on, and additional blankets to host your guests. An outdoor movie night is a great way to create beautiful movies under the summer sky.
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Week 5: Try a new grill recipe

If summer has a scent, it would easily be the smell of barbeque or veggies fresh off the grill. So, create a new family tradition and try a new recipe for the grill or learn how to grill this summer.
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Week 6: Make a bird feeder

DIY bird feeders are fun to create with the family and are an excellent opportunity to help our feather friends eat during the winter months. A quick Google search can offer a host of bird feeder instructions. You can make them simply with household items or go all out for the birds native to your area.
Neutin categories to browse: Home and Garden, Family Fun, Shopping Local, or Shopping Online

Week 7: Grow a fresh herb garden

Want to see if you have a green thumb? Not to worry if you don’t because an herb garden doesn’t require that you are a skilled gardener. Maintaining an herb garden is easy, and your freshly grown herbs will complement any recipe you use for your grill meal. All you have to do is bay-leaf in yourself.
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Week 8: Tour your city

Sometimes we get caught up in our everyday lives, and we often forget we live in areas where many people vacation to. This summer, tour your city like a tourist. Stay the night in a popular hotel or visit a new restaurant. Take pictures of the local historic sites, museums, or libraries in your area. Learn what makes your city a cool place to live by becoming a tourist for the day.
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Week 9: Camp in your backyard

Build a fort or tent and go camping in your backyard. Even if you’ve never camped before, it is an awesome camping experience where you can feel like you’re in the great outdoors, except you’re a few steps away from your front door. Of course, you’ll need games, a sleeping bag, campfire necessities, and food – or you can have that delivered. Nonetheless, spend some quality time with your family under the stars on your backyard camping adventure this summer.
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Week 10: DIY kaleidoscope

It’s the mesmerizing optical instrument with two or more surfaces tilted at an angle reflecting each other. This optical illusion is a low-cost, family-friendly project that can turn any summer day into a fun and fascinating memory.
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Week 11: Go to the beach

It’s not officially summer until you’ve visited the beach. One of the best outdoor activities is lounging in the sun on the beach. Vitamin D is overflowing, and watching the sun set over the ocean or lake is what makes summer the best season of all for most. If you live nearby a beach, lucky for you. If you have to travel to a beach and you’re a Neutin Rewards member, lucky for you.
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Week 12: Cool down with a slip and slide

In the summer months, waking up to 90-degree weather or hotter in some places is the norm. Finding ways to cool down in the summer can be a chore, especially if you don’t have a pool in your backyard or neighborhood. An easy and affordable way to cool down without going to a local amusement park is to DIY your own slip and slide. Fatherly offers three easy steps for making a slip and slide to rival any water slides near you.
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Week 13: Scrapbook your summer memories

After you’ve spent the entire summer making moments to last a lifetime, capture them by making a scrapbook commemorating that summer. The great thing about scrapbooking is it can be whatever you want it to be. The perfect time to create your album of cherished summer moments is during the last week of summer; you can share it with your friends at school or work.
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Neutin’s Gifted Rewards program gives you access to over 500,000 savings opportunities. Our members can print Rewards at home — or simply show your iPhone or Android phone at their favorite restaurants, stores, and more this summer to cash in on all of these incredible saving possibilities. You don’t have to be a genius to save with Neutin, you simply have to be a member. 

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