What is 5G?

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Last updated: 06/30/2020
What is 5G?

What is 5G and how is it different from other connections?

The shift to 5G will undoubtedly change the way we interact with technology. But what makes it so different from other connections?
Because of its speed, low latency, and greater bandwidth, individuals and businesses will be able to do so much more with their internet connection. From casual browsing to supporting IOT – 5G can run your internet network, your business’s communications system, and even your self-driving car. 
How Does It Work?

To give a brief explanation, 5G relies on signals run over new radio frequencies to work. For these signals to run smoothly, carriers need to install hundreds of thousand cell sites as part of the 5G network.  These cell sites are attached to poles, high walls, or towers and are often placed in small proximity to one another. You’ve probably already seen a few of these boxes going up in your area. 

How fast is 5G, exactly?

When it comes to speed, 5G really does supersede 4G LTE. In fact, it can deliver speeds almost 100 times faster than its predecessor. 

When put to the test, 5G connections have produced almost unbelievable speeds of 4Gb per second. This is fast enough to download 50GBs in just 2 minutes! However, to keep it real, you're likely to get around 1.4Gbps speeds on your smartphone (which is still shockingly fast). 

To draw you a comparative picture; 4G LTE delivers 70Mbps in ideal conditions. 

With these speeds, there’s no denying that 5G is a revolutionary technology that will change the way people live and work.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 5G?

There are several advantages of 5G technology, but with the hype comes a few disadvantages too. So, if you are considering changing internet plans and have 5G in mind as an option, then you may want to “um and uh” over the following: 

The Advantages of 5G:

  • Faster speeds than 4G (you’ll be able to download games and movies in seconds)
  • Low latency and increased connectivity for more devices (which means no more spotty service when you are in a crowded area)
  • You will be able to run other smart devices using the network (such as self-driving vehicles and even your smart-toothbrush)
  • Energy efficiency (one aim of the 5G network is to reduce energy consumption by 10% when compared to 4G networks – so you’ll be minimising that carbon footprint)

The Disadvantages of 5G:

  • It’s going to be costly, at first (as it establishes itself it will become cheaper)
  • Lack of information (keep in mind that 5G technology is still in its infant stages and there is a lot left to be discovered)

Though it’s good to consider both the advantages and disadvantages at present, it’s expected that the advantages will continue to far outweigh the drawbacks of 5G in the coming future.

Is 5G internet available in my area?

Right now, 5G internet availability is still quite limited. The good news is that many providers are working fast to expand their services and coverage. And like with most network connections, major cities are being prioritised.

Contact us to see if your area has access to 5G technology. If you are based in or near a US metropolis, then your chances are good!

Who are the main 5G providers?

Most of the established mobile providers in the US are actively developing their 5G networks are already offering this service. Here are a few of the top providers to look out for: 

  • AT&T: AT&T already provides 5G mobile hotspots to 19 US cities with 5G mobile hotspots as of 2019. 
  • Sprint and T-Mobile: Sprint and T-Mobile have joined efforts to provide a solid 5G service. As it stands, T-Mobile’s own low-band network is already available to 200 million subscribers in 5,000 cities. 
  • Verizon: 31 major cities already have access to Verizon’s high-band 5G network. 

With so many internet service providers already on the 5G bandwagon, it’s important that you research each company to not only find cheap internet but to settle on a service plan that’s going to live up to your expectations. 

How can I compare quotes?

If you are ready to give the new 5G technology a try, then you need to shop around to compare internet providers. You’ll want to secure the best deal through a provider who is going to offer you a professional, and hopefully friendly, service. 
As one of the US’s leading comparison sites, we’ve taken on the job to ensure that consumers get the best options on a broad spectrum of services. 
Use our online comparison tool to find the most affordable and effective 5G plans in your area. Simply fill in a few details and we will provide you with quotes from the most established and affordable ISPs. 
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