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Cox is a cable internet provider available to over 20 million people in 18 states, from California to Massachusetts. Its slower packages are particularly affordable: youll struggle to beat the $19.99 Starter 10 plan, with 10Mbps of speed. Cox also delivers faster speeds, including 500Mbps and 940Mbps, but its pricing in those tiers isnt as competitive.

Youll need to sign up for a one-year contract with Cox and will be hemmed in a 1TB monthly data allowance, but few people will find these limits restrictive. If you're unsure, you can sample Cox internet for 30-days and if youre not satisfied, leave without incurring an early termination fee.

Connection Types: What kind of internet connection can I get with Cox?

Cox only offers residential customers cable connections, although businesses can also get fiber. However, Cox cable connections deliver fiber-worthy speeds of 940Mbps. The only drawback of using cable over fiber is that upstream speeds lag. While a gigabit fiber connection would deliver upstream speeds as fast as its downstream speeds, Coxs Gigablast 940Mbps cable has upload speeds of just 35Mbps.

Fees: How much does Cox internet cost?

Coxs monthly internet prices range from $19.99 to $99.99, depending on how much speed you receive. The lower speed tiers are especially budget-friendly and cheaper than other plans on the market. For example, the Starter 10 plan, with 10Mbps of speed, costs just $19.99 per month, while CenturyLink charges households in some areas $49 a month for just 5Mbps more speed.

Coxs Gigablast plan, with 940Mbps of speed downstream, runs at $99.99 per month—significantly more than many fiber providers charge for the same download speeds (and significantly higher upload speeds).

Be aware that some of Cox's monthly prices also creep up after the initial 12-month period.

Cox also charges $10.99 a month to rent its Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway modem, although you can sometimes catch a promotion with a few free months of rental. You can also buy a Cox compatible modem on your own, an investment that will pay itself off in around a year.

Cox charges $100 for professional installations, but if youre tech-savvy you can get an Easy Connect self-installation kit for free, without even the shipping and handling some ISPs charge for similar kits. 

Cox lets you cancel your service within the first 30 days free of charge. But if you want to leave after that time and before your 12-month contract is up, youll face early termination fees of up to $120.

What speeds can I get with Cox?

Cox offers the following download speeds:

  • 10Mbps: for those who use the internet casually or only occasionally, browsing the web or checking email and social media
  • 50Mbps: people who occasionally stream video content in SD
  • 150Mbps: families of active internet users, HD video binger-watchers, occasional gamers
  • 500Mbps: large families, people who work from home, watch HD video frequently, have smart appliances and security systems, 
  • 940Mbps: serious gamers and home workers

Upload speeds with Cox range from 1 to 35Mbps.

Availability: Can I get Cox internet in my state?

Cox internet is available to around 20 million people in 18 states, including widespread coverage in Southern California, Arizona, Kansas, and Virginia. Cox usually targets large cities in the states it serves.

To see if Cox internet is available in your state, use our interactive map to see a full list of ISPs operating in your state. Then enter your ZIP code into our comparison engine and well return a personalized list of the internet plans available to your home, from Cox and others.

Extras and TV Packages

Cox sells cable TV plans alongside its internet connections, allowing you to pick and mix internet speeds and channel counts. Plans start at $64.99 per month, for 10Mbps internet and 75 channels, and run up to $149.99, for 940Mbps internet and 170 channels. Most people will find a package midway between the two that fits their family just right.

Types of User: Who should get Cox internet?

Cox is a great bet for casual or occasional internet users or those on strict budgets. Its 10Mbps and 50Mbps plans are among the cheapest ways to get online.

However, those speeds wont cut it for households with multiple internet users or those wanting to stream HD video content or game online. Those customers will want to upgrade to 150Mbps, 500Mbps, or even 940Mbps and Coxs plans at those tiers are less competitive and hampered by slow upload speeds. In some areas, you can find a superior fiber connection for less money.