Best TV Streaming Services

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Last updated: 06/30/2020
Best TV Streaming Services

What is TV streaming?

TV streaming is the process where you watch TV series, movies, sports, or news using the internet. It’s an alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV and allows you to watch your favourite shows live or on-demand. 

How to Start Streaming:

  • Make sure you have a streaming device or an internet-compatible Smart TV 
  • Connect to the internet
  • Find a streaming service and sign into their app to access the viewing options

If you haven’t already hopped onto the streaming bandwagon, the choice of TV streaming services can feel a little overwhelming. Below, we’ll list a few of the best options. 

The Best Streaming Services

A great streaming service is not only one that provides a decent selection of shows to choose from, it’s one that creates an overall user-friendly experience.  It's about the app experience, how quickly new content is released, and then, of course, there’s value for money.

According to user ratings, the below list features the current best streaming services available in the US: 

  • Netflix - this is the most popular TV streaming service and has a great all-around user experience.
  • Amazon Prime Video - Amazon Prime comes in at a close second to Netflix and has a great selection of Amazon originals.
  • Hulu - this is a good go-to option if you are only into popular big-name TV shows.
  • Disney Plus - if you have kids, then this is THE channel to keep the little ones entertained – here you will find every Disney show and series imaginable. 
  • YouTube TV - this is a hassle-free choice that brings you YouTube’s quality content as well as a few unique YouTube Red original series.
  • HBO Now and HBO Go - who doesn’t love HBO productions? Think Game of Thrones, The Wire, Silicon Valley.
  • Apple TV Plus - while the content library is selective, Apple TV Plus gets its popularity for providing a quality-over-quantity viewing experience.

In the end, the best streaming service comes down to personal choice and affordability. However, the above list will give you some good direction. 

Which are the best free TV streaming services?

There are very few things in life that are absolutely free. The good news is that TV streaming services are sometimes one of them. If you are willing to endure pop-up adverts and commercials, then there’s an endless supply of video content that can be streamed without any payment being involved (all legit, of course).  

These are a few popular free TV streaming services:

  1. Hoopla – great overall experience
  2. Kanopy – boasts a large movie selection
  3. Locast – great local TV channels
  4. Tubi – massive content library
  5. Pluto TV - huge selection of live TV channels
  6. Roku Channel – a good choice for movie fans
  7. Vudu – hundreds of great kid’s episodes
  8. Crackle – offers some unique content
  9. IMDb TV – some interesting shows to choose from
  10. YouTube - a good fall-back

Of course, nothing beats the quality you get with an HD-guaranteed, paid-for experience. 

What do I need for the best TV streaming experience?

When it comes to streaming online, all you need is a fast internet connection and a device that can connect you to the streaming apps you want to use. 

Fast Internet

A smooth streaming experience starts with your internet connection. The faster your connection is, the less likely you are to experience lag and interruptions while you watch your favourite shows. The summary below will give you an idea of the minimum internet speed you’ll need for various types of streaming:

  • To stream videos in standard definition (SD), you’ll need a connection speed of at least 3Mbps.
  • To stream videos in high definition (HD), you’ll need a connection speed of at least 5Mbps.
  • To stream videos in HDR or 4K, you’ll need a connection speed of at least 25Mbps.

A Smart TV, a Streaming Device, or a Gaming Console

Apart from a fast internet connection, you will also need a way to access streaming services on your TV. You currently have 3 choices:

  • A Smart TV that can connect to the internet. Most TVs on the market these days are Smart TVs – and as a bonus, they come with built-in streaming apps that connect you to your favourite shows within seconds. 
  • Streaming devices are relatively affordable. They work by plugging into a TV’s HDMI port and once connected, they’ll give you access to every streaming service imaginable. 
  • Gaming consoles are another popular method of streaming. However, if you don’t already have one (and are not a huge gaming fan), then a streaming device is a more viable option.

Once you are set up with a speedy internet connection and a Smart TV, streaming device, or a console – then you’re good to go!

Comparing Internet Plans

Need better internet speed for streaming? Use our free online comparison tool to compare internet providers and find cheap internet deals. We’ll help you to find a plan that will provide you with all the speed you need to stream your favourite movies and TV shows online. 
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