Best Cable Packages

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Last updated: 07/03/2020
Best Cable Packages

What Makes the Best Cable Provider?

What makes cable packages great? The answer is always going to be the provider who supplies them. Sure, providers can lower the price of a bundle, making it an attractive offer. However, poor customer support can make even the best cable packages frustrating. The best cable providers are like any good, successful company: they possess attributes that make them stand out above the rest, provide excellent customer support, and are always available to help and products at a good value.

Bundles & Packages

Part of an attractive cable package is the value you receive for the money you’re paying for it. The best cable packages and providers work with their consumers for low prices, promotional rates and premium channels. Half customer service and half competitive pricing, the best cable providers will allow for their loyal customers to negotiate for better bundles and packages for their cable television.

Customer Service

The better cable packages aren’t without the customer service to support them. When in the search for the best offer, select one that has a provider with highly rated customer service that goes along with it. If (or when) your cable connection fails, you’ll have a guarantee that there’s someone on the other line to answer your call and help you through it.


For cable packages, you’ll want to go with a provider who has a strong national or regional presence. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck without assistance like customer support, coverage, or other necessary features. With a more expansive presence, the better availability, technical outreach, and on-call service you’ll receive from your provider.

Nationally speaking, the best cable providers are Charter Spectrum, as they have no data caps and consumers won’t see a lag in their cable. Reviews are also another good way to investigate who makes a good provider and who doesn’t. Customer experiences offer a truthful insight to the company’s technical support and responsiveness.

The Best Cable Packages

Availability is the name of the game when it comes to cable packages. Area availability changes from region to region, so be sure to do your research before selecting your cable bundles. What you see online may not be the case for your area.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the channel lineup, as that’s what you’re paying for. Your cable bundle is only good if it includes the channels you’ll actually watch. Research what the providers are trying to sell you before you make the commitment. 

DISH America’s Top 150 & Top 200

For family favorites, DISH’s cable package is the best available. DISH’s top 150 has channels like Disney Channel and other family related options. The next tier, Top 200, has channels like Animal Planet, Disney XD and Nick Jr. This is the perfect choice for families with young or teenage kids.  

DISH also is partnered with Common Sense Media, which allows consumers to tailor their viewing experiences specific to their and their children’s individual needs. Age-appropriate television channels are made readily available through DISH and Common Sense Media, making this one of the best cable packages on the market for families with children and teens.

Hulu & Live TV

In the era where cable television isn’t as popular in the households of the younger generation, Hulu has made a name for itself in taking its place. It’s quickly become one of the best packages for cable TV (without really being cable) on the market. Hulu offers live TV channels for those unwilling to part from cable television completely. You’ll have access to its library of movies and shows and its DVR where you can record up to 50-200 hours (depending on the package) onto the cloud.

For Sports: DIRECTV Ultimate All Included

Affordably priced, DIRECTV gives you access to the NFL Sunday Ticket, giving it the reputation for the best sports package on the market.  Starting at $60 per month and with this package, you’ll get the NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, and NHL Network. You’ll also get the NFL Sunday Ticket at no additional cost. Sports lovers can love this deal because they’ll be able to catch the latest on all of their favorite teams.

Spectrum TV Gold

Spectrum TV Gold will gift you 200-plus channels. While the price is a little higher, you’ll get channels that are considered premium with other cable packages. This establishes Spectrum TV Gold as one of the best deals for high-end cable channels on the market. 

Another perk is that Spectrum will pay up to $500 in cancellation fees to convince you to make the switch to their bundle instead. The only downside is that with moving to Spectrum, you’ll see that its DVR storage is a little bit limited. It only has the capability of storing 21-50 hours of HD television or movies.

The Shifting Scape of Cable & Providers

As society moves to a more “pick-and-choose” lifestyle for their cable, internet and phone needs, telecommunications and the providers behind these services are beginning to cater to this increasing change. Cable television packages are bigger and better than ever before. They’re offering more enticing deals for premium channels, more DVR space and options for new releases of movies and subscription shows. 

Cable bundles must work to accommodate the more demanding consumer. As you begin your search to find a deal that works best for you, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your provider. Another aspect to look for in a cable bundle is the reputation of the service provider, ensuring that you will be receiving just as good customer service as the price you’ll be paying for your deal. While good pricing may seem like the best deal on the market, customer service as well as availability are just as important, too.
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