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Duquesne Light Company

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Duquesne Light Company

What is Duquesne Light Company?

Duquesne Light Company is the electricity utility company for the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, serving nearly 600,000 customers in Allegheny and Beaver counties. It can trace its origins to a company founded in the 1870s by inventor George Westinghouse, who was involved in the “war of the currents” with Thomas Edison, each promoting a different electric power transmission system. 150 years later, it continues to supply electricity—using Edison’s winning direct current system.

As the electricity utility in the region, it’s your default power supplier. However, because the market in this area of Pennsylvania is deregulated, you also have a choice of retail electricity companies, which may offer cheaper rates or better contract options.

What services for Duquesne Light Company offer?

Duquesne Light & Power supplies, transmits, and distributes electricity to residential and business customers in the Pittsburgh area.

To encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, the company also offers residential customers $2,000 rebates on the purchase or lease of plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. You can also earn a one-time $60 bill rebate simply for notifying DLC that you own an EV.

Where does Duquesne Light Company operate?

Duquesne Light Company serves Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and its suburbs, covering Allegheny and Beaver counties.