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Baltimore Gas & Electric

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Baltimore Gas & Electric

What is Baltimore Gas & Electric?

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) is Maryland’s largest gas and electric utility. It supplies electricity to 1.25 million customers and natural gas to 650,000 customers in central Maryland, including the city of Baltimore. It’s the default energy supplier for those households but the market is deregulated, allowing retail energy companies to compete there as well.

Baltimore Gas and Electric was founded as the Gas Light Company of Baltimore in 1816 and claims to have been the nation’s first gas company. From its origins with just a handful of gas street lights in Baltimore and the gas-lit Belvedere Theatre, it grew to provide energy to hundreds of thousands of households across the region. Today it’s owned by Exelon, the country’s largest electricity parent company.

What services does Baltimore Gas & Electric offer?

Baltimore Gas and Electric sells electricity and natural gas supplies to both residential and business customers. 

It allows residential customers to earn rebates on their utility bills by installing certified, energy-efficient technologies. This includes a $75 rebate for installing a smart thermostat, $500 for installing an electric heat pump water heater, and an average of $2,500 for overhauling your entire home.

Where does Baltimore Gas & Electric operate?

Baltimore Gas and Electric’s service area covers Baltimore City and all or part of eight counties in central Maryland.
Its service area includes:
•          Baltimore City
•          Baltimore County
•          Howard County
•          Anne Arundel County
•          Carroll County
•          Harford County
•          Prince George’s County (northeast)
•          Montgomery County (part of the east)
•          Calvert County (east corner)