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Atlantic City Electric

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Atlantic City Electric

What is Atlantic City Electric?

Atlantic City Electric provides “safe, reliable, and affordable” electricity to around 556,000 customers in southern New Jersey. Its service territory covers 2,800 square miles across all or part of eight of the state’s 21 counties. It’s the default power supplier in these areas. However, the market is deregulated, allowing retail electricity suppliers to compete for customer’s business as well.

Atlantic City Electric can trace its history to a power company incorporated in 1886 to serve Absecon Island, the home of Atlantic City, and by 1888 was powering an electric merry-go-round in the infamous resort town. Given that Monopoly is based on Atlantic City, you could say Atlantic City Electric is the much-coveted Electric Company spot on the board.

What services for Atlantic City Electric offer?

Atlantic City Electric generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to residential and business customers in Southern New Jersey. It also offers free Home Energy Checks-ups to residential customers.

Where does Atlantic City Electric operate?

Atlantic City Electric supplies electricity to most of southern New Jersey, except the northeast corner of Cumberland County. This includes Atlantic City and the other barrier islands and resort communities.
Its coverage area includes:
•          Atlantic County
•          Burlington County (southeastern half)
•          Camden County (southeastern half)
•          Cape May County
•          Cumberland County (all except northwest corner)
•          Gloucester County (except northeast corner)
•          Ocean County (southeastern corner)
•          Salem County