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Energy Rates in Pennsylvania

The fifth most populous state in the US, Pennsylvania is full of character and history. Officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it stretches from Philadelphia in the east to Pittsburgh in the west, with the Appalachian Mountains running down its spine plus a small slice of shoreline by Lake Erie in the north.

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Energy Rates in Pennsylvania

Energy Deregulation in Pennsylvania: What can I switch?

Pennsylvania has been at the forefront of energy deregulation in the United States, opening both its electricity and natural gas markets to competition in the 1990s. That means consumers in some parts of the state can switch both of their energy providers.

Electricity Deregulation: Change Electricity Suppliers

Electricity Deregulation: Change Electricity Suppliers

The electricity market in Pennsylvania has been open to competition since 1996. Today dozens of retail electricity companies are vying for your monthly bill, offering incentives like renewable power and fixed-rate plans.
As of April 2020, 1.5 million households and 300,000 businesses in Pennsylvania use an alternative electricity supplier. Electricity choice has reached large portions of the state, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading. 
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Natural Gas Deregulation: Change Natural Gas Suppliers

The natural gas market in Pennsylvania has been open to third-party providers since 1999. Today, around 415,000 residential and business customers receive their natural gas from a competitive supplier, accounting for 55% of the gas distributed in the state. In many areas there are dozens of natural gas companies to select from, potentially giving you access to lower rates.
Natural Gas Deregulation: Change Natural Gas Suppliers

Energy Prices in Pennsylvania

Here’s what Pennsylvania residents pay for their power:
 | Average price  | 13.76 cents per kWh
 | Average annual household consumption  | 10,402 kWh
 | Average annual bill  | $1,431

Comparing plans from a range of retail electricity companies can help you beat these rates and save money on your monthly bills.
Residential customers in Pennsylvania pay an average of $10.92 per thousand cubic feet of natural gas. That’s about 10% higher than the national average of $9.86 per thousand cubic feet.
Half of Pennsylvania homes use natural gas for their home heating. With the national average gas consumption standing at 61,320 cubic feet per year, that means Pennsylvanians pay around $670 per year for natural gas. You can reduce these costs by shopping around for a new natural gas provider. 

How to change electricity and natural gas supplier

To switch your electricity and natural gas suppliers, first use our comparison engine to fetch a list of energy providers and plans available in your area. You’ll need to supply your ZIP code and your estimated annual usage. You’ll find this on a recent bill, or you can use our usage calculator if you don’t have a bill to hand.
From this personalized list, find the energy plan which best suits you. Click on it and you’ll be given instructions on how to sign up. 

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