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Energy in New Jersey

Home to Jersey Shore and The Sopranos, New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the US by area but punches well above its weight. In fact, it’s the most densely populated state in the country.

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Energy in New Jersey

Energy Deregulation in New Jersey: What can I switch?

Both the electricity and natural gas markets in New Jersey have been deregulated for more than 20 years, giving customers in some parts of the state the opportunity to switch both of their energy suppliers.

Electricity Deregulation: Change Electricity Suppliers

Electricity Deregulation: Change Electricity Suppliers

The electricity market in New Jersey was deregulated alongside natural gas in 1999 and today more than 20 retail energy companies sell electricity to consumers. Some specialize in renewable power, others offer fixed-rate plans or other incentives, and many sell power at cheaper rates than you’ll get from your default electric utility. Around 17% of households in the state have taken advantage of electricity choice so far.
Electricity deregulation has reached Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Ocean, Orange, Rockland, and Sullivan counties, along with 300 communities across the central and northern parts of the stare. To see if you can select your power provider, enter your ZIP code into our comparison engine. 

Natural Gas Deregulation: Change Natural Gas Suppliers

Natural gas was deregulated in some parts of New Jersey in 1999, although not all communities have the opportunity to select their gas provider. If you live in a competitive area, you may be able to choose from dozens of third-party natural gas suppliers. To see which providers and plans are active in your neighborhood, use our comparison engine.
Natural Gas Deregulation: Change Natural Gas Suppliers

Energy Prices in New Jersey

Here’s what New Jersey residents pay on average for their power:
 | Average price | 15.93 cents per kWh
 | Average annual household consumption | 8,386 kWh
 | Average annual bill | $1,336
More than 80% of New Jersey residents use natural gas as their primary heating, higher than the national average of 50%. Those residents pay an average of $9.08 per thousand cubic feet of natural gas, less than the national average of $9.86. With national average gas consumption standing at 61,320 cubic feet per year, that means New Jersyans spend an average of $605 each year on gas. 
You can reduce your costs for electricity or natural gas by searching for a third-party supplier with more competitive rates. 

How to change electricity and natural gas suppliers

To benefit from energy deregulation in New Jersey, use our comparison engine to see all the providers and plans available in your area. You’ll need to provide your ZIP code and annual consumption (check a recent bill from your current provider, or use our usage calculator tool). We’ll then return a personalized list of the plans available at your address. You’ll see how much you’d pay for each, so you can see how much you’ll save by switching. Click on the one you want to sign up.

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