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Energy in Maryland

Sometimes called ‘America in Miniature’, Maryland is a diverse and unique state straddling the mighty Chesapeake Bay in the east and stretching to the Appalachian foothills in the west.

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Energy in Maryland

Energy Deregulation in Maryland: What can I switch?

Both the electricity and natural gas markets in Maryland have been deregulated, meaning that in certain parts of the state, you’ll be able to switch both of your energy providers.

Electricity Deregulation: Change Electricity Suppliers

Electricity Deregulation: Change Electricity Suppliers

The state of Maryland opened up its electricity market to competition in 1999. Today more than 60 retail power companies compete for households' monthly power bills. About 20% of households in Maryland have moved to a third-party supplier, many of them pursuing greener electricity and cheaper rates.
You can choose your electricity provider if you live in the following areas: Baltimore City and County; Washington D.C.; Allegheny, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington counties; the Eastern Shore and a few other areas. Enter your ZIP code in our comparison tool to 

Natural Gas Deregulation: Change Natural Gas Suppliers

The natural gas market has been deregulated in some parts of Maryland since 1995. Today around 20% of households have switched to a third-party gas retail company, many in pursuit of cheaper rates. To find out if you can switch natural gas suppliers and to see the rates available in your area, plug your ZIP code into our comparison engine.
Natural Gas Deregulation: Change Natural Gas Suppliers

Energy Prices in Maryland

Here’s what residents in Maryland pay on average for their electricity:
Average price 13.22 cents per kWh
Average annual household consumption 12,060 kWh
Average annual bill $1,594

Picking a third-party supplier and switching through Finance Guru could cut this right down. 
Around 44% of Maryland households use natural gas for heating, paying an average of $12.55 per thousand cubic feet of natural gas. That’s around 28% higher than the national average of $9.86 per thousand cubic feet, but savvy customers can shop around for better rates.

How to change electricity and natural gas suppliers

To take advantage of energy deregulation and potentially lower your bills and make your energy supply greener, use our comparison engine. You’ll need to supply your ZIP code and annual estimated usage. You can find this on a recent bill, or you can use our usage calculator. 
We’ll then return a personalized list of the electricity or natural gas providers and plans active in your area. When you’ve found the plan you like best, click on it to sign up.

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