How to Change Your Energy Supplier

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Last updated: 06/30/2020
How to Change Your Energy Supplier

Can I Switch Energy Suppliers?

Now that retail energy providers have entered the market, you may be wondering if a switch to a new supplier is possible (and if so, how easy will the switch be)? 

Switching energy suppliers can be an easy process – our electricity and natural gas tariff comparison tool means you can find a new deal in just a few minutes.

The good news is that switching providers won’t change anything about how your electricity is delivered to your home. So, moving across to a new supplier simply entails cancelling an old plan for a new one. Essentially, you’ll just be billed by a different company at a different rate. 

See if you could be getting a better deal:

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Reasons Why You May Want to Switch Energy Suppliers

Depending on your current plan, you may have a lot to gain by changing energy suppliers. Here are a few reasons why you might want to make the jump to a new supplier:

You Want to Save Money

This is the most obvious reason. Deregulation means competition – retail energy suppliers will try and outdo one another on pricing to entice you to come on board. Since cutting down your energy bills is a surefire way to reign in your household budget, switching suppliers is a no brainer.

You’re Moving Home

Moving home provides an ideal opportunity to reassess your energy needs. For example, your new heating system and electrical set-up can change your usage. Switching to a new plan may suit your new needs better. 

When Your Circumstances Change

Perhaps you have recently retired and you are home more often – if so, your electricity usage has increased? Or maybe your kids have flown the nest and your energy usage has dropped? You may want to change new energy plan so that it fits in with your new lifestyle.  

You Want A Real Contract 

If you’re changing to a retail energy provider, then you will have to sign a contract. You’ll then know where you stand with regards to the rate you’re paying, the term of the agreement, any cancellation requirements, and so on. 

You Want Better Customer Service

Service providers can often be frustrating. If you are not happy with how your current utility or REP is treating you, then it might be worth changing suppliers – even if you do end up paying a bit more. 

You Are Interested in Renewable Energy 

If you are interested in supporting local renewable energy projects, then this may call for a switch to a provider that accommodates “green” energy options. 

How to Choose a New Energy Supplier

If you’re ready to shop for a new energy supplier, then you may find yourself confused with all the energy plans that are available to you. To streamline the shopping process and find the best tariffs, you can use our user-friendly and free comparison tool. All you need to do is: 

1.     Enter your zip code (prices can differ between regions and some suppliers only serve certain areas)
2.     Select a natural gas/electricity distributor (you’ll be able to choose from a list that pairs with your zip code)
3.     Detail your current supply (this will most likely be a state utility)
4.     Pick new tariff and sign up (it’s as easy as that)

If you want to find out if you can save money by changing energy suppliers, why not start right here and now? Our energy comparison service will help you to find an affordable deal that’s right for you. 

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