Build Your Online Reputation with Customer Reviews

Build Your Online Reputation with Customer Reviews

Get More Customer Reviews with Digital Gator

For the generation and management of customer reviews, one of the best platforms we have come across is that of Digital Gator. They are experts in capturing the customer experience and have tools in place to manage and leverage reviews to benefit your business. This gives you more time to focus on running your business, improving your products, and customer service.

Which Plan is Right for You?

1: Digital Gator Reviews

How do you get your happy customers to tell the world about you? By asking for reviews! Digital Gator makes it easy with their basic Reviews plan. Give it a try and let Digital Gator get your business onboarded, set up your business profile, and start the review collection process from customers both new and old. Once you see the volume of reviews they acquire, you may want to upgrade to Reviews+Responding.

Choose "Reviews"

2: Digital Gator Reviews+Responding

Every review is crucial to your success, and every review requires attention. Get all the features of Reviews along with a support specialist that will work on your behalf to respond to your reviews - engaging customers, building trust, and helping demonstrate that you value interactions with your customers. Also, this type of engagement shows search engines you’re a credible business, and you’ll see improved local SEO.

Choose "Reviews + Responding"

Focus on the Customer Experience

The first step is with you and your employees: provide that great experience for your customers. Then Digital Gator jumps in to make sure their positive experiences are captured, shared, and promoted to drive more customers to your business.

Generate More Reviews

Every customer who visits your business will receive a request (via text or email) to leave a review for your business. Digital Gator also follows up with customers, reminding them to leave a review via text or email.

Make the Review Process Easy

Digital Gator removes all the hurdles for customers who want to leave a review, making it quick and easy on any device. With a single click, they can visit any one of 250+ review sites, all but guaranteeing more reviews for your business.

Instant Notifications, Instant Gratification

Find out what your customers have to say, right when they say it! You’ll receive real-time notifications as reviews are posted, or as often as you like. Your best reviews will automatically be posted to social media, and you have the opportunity address any problems that arise right away. There’s even a way to stream your 5-star reviews straight to your website.

Custom Business Page for Local SEO

Digital Gator will build your business profile, consolidating every review in one convenient place. All this fresh, original content will give your rankings a lift in local search results while also providing customers yet another opportunity to read about positive experiences at your business.

Engage with Your Reviews

To get the most out of reviews, you need to give them attention. Responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, shows your customers that you value their feedback… but it takes a lot of time. Digital Gator offers an added service that will respond to your customers within the recommended 24-48 hours, allowing you to focus on your business.

Reporting and Tracking

How do you measure up to the competition? Digital Gator provides detailed reporting with growth stats and crucial information about new reviews, giving you valuable information to help make great business decisions.