Find the Best Reputation Management Company

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Last updated: 06/29/2020
Find the Best Reputation Management Company

Signs of a Good Reputation Management Company

Since your search for the best reputation management company probably started in Google, we’ve covered some of the most popular mentions. Since specifics and availability are subject to change, look for these general qualities in your search:
  1. Monitor and create alerts for online mentions of your company.
  2. Automate all of these processes and their analysis.
  3. Provide valuable insights based on this data.
  4. An easy-to-use management platform to aggregate this info.
Aside from the actual features and pricing, you want to look at the driving philosophy behind your chosen reputation management company.
If you found this article by searching “reputation management company,” you likely found some companies that specialize in deleting bad, unseemly, or defamatory results. This could cover bad press, complaints, hate sites, and comments on blogs and forums. Bottom line, it’s not the best use of your company’s money to pay for this kind of reputation defense. 

The best reputation strategies rely on generating positive content rather than fighting negative perceptions. It’s okay if a company doesn’t focus on content creation - some focus more on monitoring and getting a lay of the land. Irrespective of what company you choose, building a brand that speaks for itself will ensure you a good reputation.

Here’s what to go with to help you get there:

Birdeye is a review management company with a suite of products spanning reviews, surveys, insights, listings, webchat, and even ticketing. Additionally, they let you manage your social all in one place. 

However, the coolest thing about Birdeye is their Benchmarking software. As the name suggests, it tells you where your company stands in respect to others. Using a proprietary Natural Language Processing Algorithm (NLP), Birdeye scans other reviews to find common themes they call “sentiment trends.”

Not to be confused with the now-defunct vertical of, Broadly is a customer relationship management (CRM) company with a focus on reviews and chat. What makes Broadly different is that they cater specifically to small business. They even break out their services by industry, from Animal Services to Hospitality. Broadly calls their email and messaging integration “Lead Central.” Designed so you don’t miss a lead, they even label each incoming message as a new lead in the subject line, along with its traffic source. This will be a welcome relief for merchants whose inbox is out of control.

Go Fish Digital
Go Fish Digital’s landing page is a nod to the fact that the conversation around your company is happening everywhere, all the time. Word of Mouth over social media they offer a multi-pronged approach what's a CEO online reputation management which all of this should fall under web design development content marketing search engine marketing and conversion rate optimization. This is good because they take a holistic approach to reputation. This is not so good if you already have an in-house creative doing all that pretty stuff. is a white-label review management platform. Since their focus is on a review management, they offer a dedicated, scientific approach to monitoring customer reviews.  They provide detailed insights gets that your reviews are happening across many platforms - what they call your “review funnel” - so they provide integrations with Facebook, Google, and others. 

Podium’s business model is centered on lead generation and customer retention. Notably, they position reviews as a way to get found, calling on the power of reviews to place you higher in search and increase customer confidence. A unique feature they offer is a chat function that lets you conduct customer support from the same inbox, regardless of what platform the conversation is happening on. They also offer features that help you centralize team communications, which is nice to get in the same place as your reputation management.

Trustpilot is a review platform offering review invitations as well as an embedded review form, customer API, and business generated links with Tupperware-tight encryption. They're especially useful because of the way they integrate with Google, which helps you to stand out in Google search. What makes Trustpilot a value-add is their focus on long-tail SEO. (This refers to the use of high-density, low-cost keywords to make your site rank high on search.)

Join the Conversation - Be the Conversation

Protect, maintain and strengthen your brand. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide how proactive or reactive you want to be with your Online Reputation Management (ORM) approach, how much you want to put towards it and how involved you want to be.
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