Find the Best Commercial Property Tax Consultants

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Last updated: 06/29/2020
Find the Best Commercial Property Tax Consultants

Why have a commercial property tax consultant?

Experienced commercial property tax consultants can take care of your taxes more quickly and conveniently than you can. Accomplished tax consultants have years of experience and education at their disposal that most people lack. Thanks to this, tax consultants know the details of the tax appeal process. They can help clients build strong cases and understand the importance of proper documentation. The tax consultants will also show you the relevant facts needed to be documented and how to get an accurate appraisal of your property. These services can save you a lot of money, often far more than what the services cost.

Ask About Experience

Ensure the commercial property tax consultants you consider have experience with the kind of property you have. Make sure that they have extensive experience with commercial property appraisals and that they have a track record of a number of years. Any consultant you consider should have intimate knowledge of the property tax appraisal process and the best ways to manage them. They will be able to point you to numerous examples where their work saved money for previous commercial clients. 

It should be emphasized that your best option is seeking a tax consultant who is experienced with your particular type of commercial property. Different properties can have distinct options available to property owners when it comes to business taxes. Working with a consultant who knows your property type well ensures you have the right person for the job.

Make Them Prove Results

Commercial property tax consultants should be able to prove their results by showing their track record. Their resume should show they effectively save commercial property owners money each year on their commercial property taxes. You should never trust a consultant that can’t give you examples of their work. Tax consultants should have no problem with you asking with their previous clients for endorsements. If a consultant is skilled and knowledgeable, they’ll have plenty of references to hand you to prove it.

Additionally, consultants should be realistic when they talk about your potential savings. Steer clear of consultants that promise you unrealistic scenarios, as they likely cannot back up what they say. Reliable consultants will be open with you about your various options and their effects on your finances. This prevents miscommunication and helps clients figure out the best decision for them.

Never Choose Out of Fear

Never let yourself be afraid at any step during the process of finding or working with a tax consultant. Choices made out of fear are often regretted. In reality, a good tax consultant will only make you more confident. Your tax consultant should be able to answer any of your questions. If there’s something they do not know, they’ll tell you and begin looking for the answer. 

It should go without saying that your tax consultant should never be trying to increase your fears. Reliable consultants don’t rely on emotional manipulation or stoke their clients’ fears for profit. Instead, your commercial property tax consultant should give you a clear picture of your tax situation. They should give you their honest recommendations along with your different options. However, professionals will respect your decisions and help you figure out the right choice for you.

Collect the Right Evidence for Any Claims

Before looking for a tax consultant, you should collect relevant facts and documentation for your case. Make sure to keep this information highly organized and easy to access. Property tax consultants benefit from having prepared clients since they can more quickly understand the case and assess whether they can help you. Clients who prepare proper documentation for their consultants often save money, since they save consultants time and effort.

You should also collect as much evidence as possible yourself because it helps you understand your case better. Your consultant will spend less time explaining aspects of your case and potential options if you’re already familiar with them. This saves both of you time and work, and it helps expedite your claim.

Transparency and Reliability

Consultants should be able to offer realistic scenarios and savings potential, and they should be easy to reach with questions or concerns. Indeed, many consultants are beginning to offer online or 24/7 access to their case to check appeal statuses, filing deadlines, payment notifications and tax bill alerts. 

Your consultant should be proactive in helping you organize your case. This enables you to reduce the cost of the whole process and make sure everything is prepared correctly. This proactive behavior requires your consultant to show you that communication is a top priority. Make sure they provide you with phone numbers, emails, and any other ways to get in touch with them quickly. This makes the process more efficient and lets you make decisions as soon as you are ready.

Make sure that your consultant is flexible and willing to work with your timeframe. As a commercial property owner, you’re busy. Part of any healthy professional relationship is respect for each other’s time. Your consultant should also be upfront about costs, so there’s no misunderstanding.
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